Tuning Service ($165 and up)

A standard tuning service includes a pre-tuning inspection of your piano, and fine-tuning to A-440. Most manufacturers recommend that a piano be tuned twice a year. If it has been several years since your piano has been tuned, the pitch may be quite low, requiring a pitch correction which is an additional $80 (total of $245).

We use a hybrid tuning method, combining electronic and traditional aural (by ear) techniques to maximize each piano’s unique sound. We specialize in customizing the tuning to the pianist’s preferences.

Professional Cleaning ($45 and up)

Interior cleaning should only be done by a qualified piano technician because there are hundreds of fragile moving parts that are exposed. The best time for cleaning is at the beginning of a tuning appointment because the tuning pins and strings may be bumped. We offer different levels of service from light dusting to deep cleaning. The cost varies due to piano size, and how many years of dust and grime have accumulated. Ask for a quote when scheduling your tuning appointment.

Regulating Service ($400 and up)

What is “regulating”? Regulating is the term used for all the adjustments that are necessary to make the moving parts operate correctly. When each key is depressed, there is a sequence of events between hammer, damper and strings that can require over 20 adjustments. We provide regulating service for upright and grand pianos.

Key top resurfacing ($600 and up)

Quite often key tops become chipped, worn, yellow or broken. We remove the old key top and key front and resurface with new white plastic coverings. Worn or nicked sharps (black keys) may also be replaced.

Key bushings replaced ($425 and up)

After many hours of use, the keys may become loose and wobbly and may even click on the neighboring key. We replace front rail and balance rail bushings and level the keys to make the key action more uniform.

String Repair ($25 and up)

Often, we are able to splice a broken string with a special piano tuner’s knot. If the string cannot be repaired, we may order a custom replacement string and install it on your piano.

Pedal Repair or Replacement ($350 and up)

We adjust and repair pedals. Broken or unsightly pedals can often be replaced with new bright and shiny pedals.

Hammer Reshaping ($275 and up)

If your piano has been played frequently the hammers may develop deep grooves, which keep the hammer from striking the string correctly. We carefully file the hammers to restore each hammer to its original shape. We also offer hammer replacement services.

Humidity Control System ($295 and up)

If your piano is in a high humidity location, you might consider having us install a dehumidifier and humidistat control.

CompletePiano Restoration and Rebuilding

Contact us regarding specialized restoration and rebuilding services. We provide quality action rebuilding, soundboard and bridge repair or replacement, and also contract with other piano specialists for refinishing or other specialized services.