Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fix sticking keys?

Yes, there are quite a few possible problems, most of which are relatively simple to correct. It is best to let your piano technician diagnose and repair the problem.

How often should a piano be tuned?

Most manufacturers recommend tuning twice a year, or no less than once a year. A professional pianist may need the piano tuned monthly, weekly, or even before each performance.

What makes my piano go out of tune?

The most common reason pianos go out of tune is the change in humidity from day to day. When humidity levels change, the moisture content of the wood in the piano swells or shrinks, changing the tension of the strings.  Pianos are designed to be in a 42% humidity environment. Installation of a humidity control system can reduce the affects of humidity changes. Other common reasons pianos go out of tune are from being moved or being played hard.

What is a pitch raise or correction?

Sometimes a pitch raise or correction is necessary if the piano has not been tuned for several years. It is in addition to the normal piano tuning process and is performed prior to the fine-tuning. The piano is designed to be at A-440 pitch. In situations where the piano has not been tuned in decades, more than one pitch correction procedure will be necessary.

Why does the piano finish look dull and cloudy?

This can occur from build-up of spray-on furniture polishes. We recommend the use of Cory Piano Care Products. They have developed different products for use on high-gloss, satin, and wood finishes. We can obtain these products for your use.

Why does my piano tuner ask for a quiet room, and then make so much noise banging on the piano?

Pianos are tuned listening to the various beats between notes. Piano technicians are trained to listen to these beats, but sometimes outside noise such as vacuuming, television, barking dogs and children playing can interrupt the tuning.

Someone told me not to place my piano near an outside wall. Does it really matter?

In the olden days houses had poor insulation in the outside walls, so it was better to have them near the center of the house to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations. Modern homes are better insulated so it doesn’t matter as much. However, never place a piano where it is over a heat duct, or in direct sunlight.